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All Christians are disciples of Jesus.   A disciple is a person  who  lives out faith in Jesus Christ; it is someone who is in the process of becoming like Jesus by being transformed in the head (mind and thinking differently), heart (caring about what Jesus cared about), hands (serving others), and habits (character formation).  

The Disciple's Way

We grow as followers of Jesus (disciples) much like we grow physically; it is a process.  It takes time.  It is not always neat and tidy.  Even so, we think there are developmental phases to following Jesus.  This process is not original to us, but has been the way of disciples for the history of the faith.

Come and See - Phase One

When two men asked Jesus what he was all about, Jesus simply responded, "Come and see."  Come and see who Jesus and the church is all about.  No pressure.  Just an invitation.

Follow Me - Phase Two

After giving people time to experience his life and teachings, Jesus invited people to follow him.  This is where transformation of life truly begins as God changes our hearts, heads, hands, and habits.

Be with Me - Phase Three

As disciples of Jesus, we are being equipped and trained to serve others and our communities.  Jesus asked his disciples to be with him so that he could then send them out into ministry.

Remain in Me - Phase Four

After transforming his disciples and equipping them and training them and filling them with the Spirit, Jesus sent them out when he ascended to heaven.  Now is the time to go and make disciples of others.
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