Preconceived Notions

Preconceived notions.  They can be to great benefit or to great harm.  We can imagine and dream of the best possible outcomes and successes.  On the other hand, we can defeat ourselves before we even start by imagining the worst.  I wonder if Moses headed into the presence of Pharaoh full of confidence and dreams of walking away having secured the release of his fellow Israelites on the spot (see Exodus 4:1-5:1)?

Things hardly could have gone worse.  Moses and Aaron stand their ground when speaking with Pharaoh, remind him that it is God speaking and not them, and even give a not-so-veiled threat (5:3).  Even so, they pretty much get laughed out of the room.  To make matters worse, Pharaoh doesn't release the Israelites from their enslaved work, but works them even harder!  Now the Israelites are upset with Moses too (5:20)!  Can you blame them?  So Moses more or less asks God, "What are you doing!?"  

So much for the best possible outcome and dreams of a successful first meeting with Pharaoh.  Can you imagine the level of bitter disappointment that Moses was experiencing?  God's work is on God's timing, not on ours.  God is going to free the Israelites, but it is going to be according to his timing and his ways and no one else's.  Results may not come immediately or quickly (they certainly don't in this story!), but God is still working and working according to his timing.  Remember that this week when things don't go according to your plans or timing.

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