Who Is this God?

In Exodus 3:1-4:16, we receive an answer to the question, "Who is this God?"  First, God tells Moses that He is holy, so show some respect and take off his shoes (3:5).  Second, this God is the God of history who has acted in the past and will continue to do so (3:6-12).  Third, this God is a God of grace and he is acting first to deliver His people.  Fourth, this God expects a response when He gives His grace.  In this case, He expects the Israelites to worship Him on His mountain after they are freed from captivity (3:12, 18).  Fifth, this God is faithful to His promises.  He remembers His covenant and keeps it.  Lastly, this God is patient and He listens.  He hears out Moses' objections and responds to them.  Even when angered, He responds with great restraint and patience (4:1-17).  This is the God that has revealed Himself to Moses and the same God that we find revealed in Jesus Christ.

What about Moses?  Just one thing that I want to highlight out of many possible things: Moses is comfortable.  He is not in Egypt anymore, but in Midian.  He is now married, has a family and is tending his flock.  Is what his happening to the Israelites back in Egypt his concern anymore?  We often ask, "Is this my problem?"  God tells Moses to make this his problem.  Moses is understandably reluctant.  This would involve moving from the comfortable to the extremely uncomfortable.

Who is this God?  This God is the God of grace, history, and covenant.  He is also the God that when He asks us to move from the comfortable to the uncomfortable, He promises to be with us!  

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